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In addition to these things, what sets Elk Mountain Academy apart from other programs is that we have created a “family” like environment on this journey of healing.  Our team of people understand the impact trauma, addiction, mental and behavioral matters can have on the entire family unit. Our program’s team of dedicated professionals encourage and offer the student’s family the support and tools to create healthy change and healing while they continue on their journey at home.

Since 1994, Elk Mountain Academy has provided a safe and healthy place for young men to create healthy change and healing as they battle with addiction, emotional and behavioral issues. Elk Mountain Academy offers an accredited, strong academic program where students receive one-on-one support from their teachers.  On this journey, students learn positive coping skills in an environment where they can experience fun outdoor activities that allows them to get “high” off life.  These activities include snowboarding, wakeboarding, fishing, hiking, camping and many other opportunities only majestic North Idaho can provide.