At Elk Mountain Academy, we provide a phenomenal accredited academic program where students are able to focus on their education while continuing to learn and adapt a healthy lifestyle. We believe a  quality education and a supportive learning environment are critical to our student’s success in a changing world. Our year-round, fully-accredited high school establishes weekly goals, monitored daily in mentoring sessions between the students and teachers. Due to the independent pace of the curriculum, students with proper motivation have the opportunity to complete 1 1/2 – 2 year’s worth of credits in one year. Similarly, students with learning disabilities or challenges in education are not left behind. Because schooling is year-round and students work at their own pace, students may enroll at any time.


Some key features of our academic program include:

  • Fully-accredited high school courses
  • Individual education plans designed for each student
  • Self-paced curriculum and a 6:1 student to teacher ratio provide ideal support for students with learning disabilities
  • Curriculum allows motivated students to catch up or finish their schooling at an accelerated rate
  • Weekly goals monitored daily by instructors
  • Year-round school and self-paced curriculum permits enrollment at any time
  • Online college courses are offered for credit in conjunction with local colleges
  • Online independent-living courses are offered to help prepare students near adulthood to face key issues


We provide a quality academic program overseen and accredited by the Northwest

Association of Accredited Schools. All curricular materials is carefully chosen to meet rigorous state and regional standards. Each student works on an individualized education program that is targeted to meet his specific academic needs. Students with learning challenges such as ADD/ ADHD, ODD, and others find success in this program because their individual needs are our primary focus. There is also opportunity for students with advanced skills who require a primary focus.  In addition to this, there is opportunity for students with advanced skills who require a challenging, college-preparatory curriculum to accelerate here. We offer remedial courses in addition to our standard core curriculum. The majority of our students find that EMA is the first place they experience academic success, due to the intensive one-on-one teacher-student focus.


Independent Study and Online College Courses:


For students who are nearing the end of their high school studies, or who are preparing to live on their own, special challenges arise. When a student has completed his high school education, yet is not ready to leave from a therapeutic or recovery standpoint, we have the ability to offer online college courses for credit from several colleges and universities. Using our online study lab, students can take a variety of courses with supportive instructors on hand to lend guidance, without ever having to leave the Elk Mountain Academy campus. This is ideal for students who enroll very close to their high school graduation date, or if it is not desirable for a student to return home to their old environment for a few months prior to entering college, military service, etc. This arrangement enables students to remain in a supportive environment and continue to work on their recovery, while simultaneously earning college credit and making the most of their time.


Life-Skills Training


A further opportunity which we offer is an optional life-skills component, which is perfect for students who are nearly 18 years of age or who are preparing to live on their own for the first time. This is a three-part course series which focuses on:


  • Independence—Finding, funding, and furnishing a personal residence; understanding utilities, insurance, and transportation; food and entertainment; education/trade opportunities; income vs. lifestyle considerations and how education levels relate to both, etc.
  • Finances—Budgeting, money management, understanding credit, balancing your bank account, wise financial practices, etc.
  • Workplace—Finding and retaining a job, your rights and responsibilities as an employee, what to expect from an employer, how to interview, etc.


This optional series can be an excellent capstone for a student who has nearly completed his year long program and is preparing for any type of independent living, whether it is in his hometown, at college, or someplace completely new.  The vast majority of this course utilizes real-life material in an online setting. Our secure, controlled online learning  lab provides a safe, supervised, and structured environment for students to learn these important skills.