I'm going to be using our now site to share cool stuff. Events like ACYPAA in March and ICYPAA in August.

ACYPAA is the All California Young Peoples in Alcoholics Anonymous. It runs from March 30 to April 2 and will be held at the San Ramon Marriott in the Bay Area. I have lots of guys interested but I will ask the young men I think are serious bout sobriety. It's not worth taking guys that want to attend solely  to get off campus and simply see girls! The Attitude Adjustment guys that are going regularly will be first up! Barbi, Loretta, and Jessica will answer questions as well as provide cost. 


The ICYPAA is typically the largest young peoples conference on the planet. This year it will be in Chicago. Last year it was in Nashville.  The cost is a bit more (air fare) but the conference is unique! My first ACYPAA and ICYPAA were both in 1980. ACYPAA was in Fresno CA. We had 13 folks in one room but bed space was not necessary, as we did not sleep much for 3 days. The shower was important. Sleep was had on the way back to the Bay. I will always remember (this happened 37 years ago) the experience of KNOWING I was not the only kid quitting as a teenager, needing to quit young, drinking in the morning, and suffering from lying, cheating , and stealing!  I felt I fit in. We were all broke, desperate to stay sober, and convinced God would help us stay clean. We helped each other and were always available to talk. My sponsor Tom drove several of us in his van. Tom has been sober for 40 years! We all kicked in for gas and the room. We did it on a budget! 


My first ICYPAA was in Tucson Arizona. I had my own room shared with two guys I was sponsoring meaning I paid! I'm not sure if they stayed sober or not but I have. I went to at least 10 meetings that weekend and my life has never been the same. Back then about 800 folks were at the main meeting. Last year in Nashville there were 3,500 stark raving sober young sober people. I usually pull the plug on the evening at about 3:00 AM as I am getting old! The same rule applies now as it did in 1980: "if it is 2;00 AM and it seems like a good idea..............it isn't!