February Update

ACYPAA is filling. There are more students desiring to attend than I can take. What a great problem! Students attending the Attitude Adjustment Meeting every weekday morning are getting first dibs. These young men are up and ready to go at 5:45 5 days a week. It’s telling that the more they go the more they want to go. We dope fiends have gone out of our way to feel good!

We had to ask 2 young men to leave EMA. We usually have one or two a year. To have two in two months is thankfully rare. We wish both students and their families well as they search for recovery.

We are ready (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) to install the metal on the roof of our new home. This is an exciting time! We are getting used to living in the RV. The site is beautiful. We love the sound of rushing water as the snow melts. It’s beautiful, quiet, and our dogs love it. We just need more space.

I feel good about our current group of young men. Many want to get well! Most are committed to having fun while they are here. There is a lot of excitement around dirt biking and in the building project.