We are at ICYPAA in San Ramon California. I took a few more than usual this year (8) because these guys rock! This is the 45th annual ACYPAA (All California Young Peoples in Alcoholics Anonymous). My first was the 8th and I have been sober ever since. I was just speaking with my first sponsor Tom B. (sober now 39 years. He has been sober since the Fresno conference a well. There is something very cool about parting sober all night long with fellow alcoholics and addicts! Yesterday I woke up at my usual time (around 3:30) and noticed only 4 of my 8 were snoring. I went down stairs to the marathon meeting room and all 4 were there participating. These days I'm in bed before the dance is over, but my guys are energetic! I know they could get in trouble. They know they MUST stay together as a group. It's worth the risk to expose them to what is available to them should they choose sobriety. I know now the importance of seeing folks just like me that were staying clean young! I was a teenager that shook when I quit drinking. I needed to know was not the only teenager that did! I was NOT the only one that drank in the morning, by himself, that stole, lied, and was arrested! ACYPAA helped!