Joey Hazinsky

As Program Director of Elk Mountain Academy’s After Care Program since January of 2014, Joey brings a strong background of experience that allows him to relate to the young men and guide them on their continuing journey of leading a drug and alcohol free life. He comes from a loving and supportive family and has strong Christian values. He understands what it is like to fall live with the disease of addiction. He also knows how to work out of the addiction and still live a happy and fulfilling life. In many ways, Joey is an “old soul”. His path to becoming Program Director of After Care began to evolve when he was a student at EMA. Other boys often came to him looking for support and guidance. Joey supervises daily living. He supports them to “show up for life” by encouraging and holding them accountable to activities such as: going to college classes, church, AA meetings, group sessions, therapy, and work. In addition to being an EMA graduate, practicing Christian, Joey is a wilderness first responder, and has longevity in sobriety.