JW Adams

J.W. is night staff. He grew up in central Ohio.

Joining the Air Force after High school began his travels around the country. Following his service time he attended multiple colleges, not only pursuing his education but also following his passion for competitive Archery. Chasing an Olympic dream for nearly 16 years. After participation in 3 Olympic trial and Earning 2 Collegiate National Championships he returned to his first passions, being in the outdoors hunting, fishing, horseback riding and taking photographs.

Began his family in Arizona following college. Had a factory management career there for over 15 years. Following his entrepreneurial spirit with many part time endeavors, it was time to go all the way into full time self-employment. Then came an opportunity to revive two old businesses in a wilderness area of North Idaho, a store and steakhouse.

Moving to the Sandpoint area in 2009. Circumstances provided his first opportunity as Direct care staff with Elk Mountain Academy when the program resided in Heron, MT.

After a number of years and a short stint at another Therapeutic boarding school the option came about to return to Elk Mountain Academy.

Timing was right with the hope of making a positive difference in futures of our students.