Dyan Schecterson


Dyan Schecterson brings nineteen years of teaching in public education in Washington State and Idaho, serving students with a wide range of academic, emotional, and behavioral challenges. 
Dyan’s philosophy is “help kids learn how to learn, so they can be lifelong learners.” Her strong suit is English and writing; additionally, she is a freelance writer. Born and raised in Seattle, Dyan also lived in Australia for many years. As a follower of Jesus, Dyan recognizes how the Lord has had a purpose and plan for her throughout her life. Her hope is that her students will come to realize that God has a purpose and plan for each and every one of them. Today, she and her husband consider themselves winners in the geographical lottery, making their home in nearby Heron, Montana. After having raised four children, they now raise a variety of furry and feathered creatures.