Addiction and Denial 

This book was written for parents who have been confronted with the harrowing and grievous reality that their teenage child is an addict. Even when the signs are present, many parents struggle to identify and address drug or alcohol addiction in their kids; it's too painful. As teenagers grow in their addiction, they become artful liars and manipulators. Parents often become unknowing enablers. Hopefully reading this book will help parents realize the painful decisions they must make in order to help their teen into sobriety. I've been working with parents and kids with addictions for 36 years. Many of their stories have a similar theme with different names and faces. As I share the stories of these families, parents will often see their own story unfolding on the pages. I have a story of my own that has made me a knowledgeable asset in helping families deal with childhood addiction. The good news of this book is that recovery can be successful and life-long! I consider it a blessing to be a part of helping others into recovery because recovering families are often closer than they were before the weight of drug addiction.